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John Fairfax Or ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’: Comparing Adventurer’s Obituary With Wes Anderson’s Eccentric Family

On Feb. 8, longtime adventurer John Fairfax passed away at age 74 and his New York Times obituary has bested even the most ambitious bucket lists. Filled with amazing character details — traversing oceans via rowboats, jaguar-as-hemlock suicide attempts — the obit compares him to the heroes of Graham Greene, Hemingway and Ian Fleming. But, for the movie-literate, one might imagine being told these tales in the velvety narration of… Continue reading John Fairfax Or 'The Royal Tenenbaums': Comparing Adventurer's Obituary With Wes Anderson's Eccentric Family

Two and A Half Men producers aren’t the only ones who think Charlie Sheen’s one more cracked-out Ustream podcast away from a trip the psych ward — or worst — […]