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‘Object of Beauty’: Amy Adams To Star And Produce Steve Martin Novel

From dealing with men and Muppets to fine art and internationally renowned artists. Amy Adams will star and produce in “An Object of Beauty,” a new film based on the novel by Steve Martin. Yep, that Steve Martin.

Martin’s book follows Lacey Yeager, a young New York art connoisseur who charms her way up the social ladder while tangling in romances with some of the top artists around the world. “Beauty”… Continue reading 'Object of Beauty': Amy Adams To Star And Produce Steve Martin Novel

A creepy Jennifer Aniston fan has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from her after he was caught laying in wait for her with a “sharp object” and a roll of duct tape.Jason Peyton was found on July 15 “laying-in-wait in a location he believes she frequents with a sharp object, a […] Continue reading Jennifer Aniston Stalker Jason Peyton Arrested With Sharp Object & Duct Tape