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New Indie:

The revelation that older audiences have become a reliable movie-going demographic means that it’s become easier to build big-screen vehicles around the likes of Helen Mirren and Lily Tomlin. Add to that list one of my favorite, underutilized actresses: the great Blythe Danner, who’s front and center in the charming love story I’ll See You in My Dreams (Universal Pictures Home… Continue reading DVD Obscura: The New Indie and International Movies You Need to Watch

New Indie:

It racked up lots of buzz on the film festival circuit, and now Cheap Thrills (Drafthouse Films) makes it to DVD for those who missed its theatrical run earlier this year. This exceedingly dark comedy follows two old pals (played by Pat Healy and Ethan Embry) who find themselves pushed by economic circumstances into accepting increasingly dangerous and degrading bets and dares from… Continue reading DVD Obscura: The Indie and International Movies You Should Watch This Month

New: Dudes on the defensive

OK, not a lot of people are going to be pairing up gay drama The Green (Wolfe Video; now available) and horror-comedy Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (Magnolia Home Entertainment; available November 29), but hear me out. Both movies are about two guys trying to live their lives and mind their own business, but then there’s a misunderstanding, and they’re under… Continue reading DVD Obscura: 'Tucker & Dale,' 'Caged Men,' 'It Takes a Thief,' and More

New: Kevin Smith’s game-changer, a cool indie you probably missed, and some holiday sap

Red State“An Unlikely Film from That Kevin Smith” boasts the DVD cover of Red State (Lionsgate; available October 18), and this violent look at a Westboro Baptist–like cult is definitely a switch for the auteur — it’s part horror flick, part gun-crazy showdown, and part political satire, with nary a Star Wars reference… Continue reading DVD Obscura: Fanatics, Revolutionaries, and Man-Whores

New: Gay zombies vs. Bette Midler

Bette MidlerBad-boy Canadian filmmaker Bruce La Bruce has previously explored the world of porn (Skin Flick, Super 8 ½) and zombies (Otto, or Up with Dead People), and now he brings those two seemingly disparate genres together in L.A. Zombie (Strand Releasing Home Video; now available), not for viewers who are squeamish about sex or violence, much less the two… Continue reading DVD Obscura: Gay Zombies, Childhood Classics and More