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Work It Is Officially Canceled, Cougar Town Has a Return Date

This may be the last you ever see of Work It.

Work It is no more. Yanked like a bad weave from the ABC schedule after just two episodes, the new touchstone of TV awfulness will now lumber off in size 23 pumps to the place where terrible sitcoms go to die. No one is shedding too many tears over it. But the news (which ABC quietly announced late Friday… Continue reading Work It Is Officially Canceled, Cougar Town Has a Return Date


… HEY YOU GUYS GUESS WHAT? THE FCC HAS PASSED THE COMMERCIAL ADVERTISEMENT LOUDNESS MITIGATION ACT. IN OTHER WORDS, commercials will no longer be louder than everything else on television. Finally, government gets something useful accomplished. But let’s hope they keep the Education Connection blastin’, because that song is the JAMZ! [LA Times]


Fear Factor‘s revival is so-far-so-good for NBC. The reality competition drew more than… Continue reading News Briefs: FCC Wants Quieter Commercials, Chris Meloni Officially Joins True Blood


… If it sounded like an unlikely scenario when you first heard that canceled ABC soaps One Life to Live and All My Children would live on as web-only series, then congratulations: Your instincts were correct and you may have an illustrious career ahead of you as a TV programming executive. The numbers just didn’t add up, and the projects are dead. Sorry, fans. It’s time to begin the… Continue reading News Briefs: All My Children and One Life to Live Are Officially Dead

The X-Files' I Want to Believe posterAs The X-Files was so fond of telling us, “the truth is out there” when it comes to extra-terrestrial life forms visiting Earth. And now, the government has shared their version of that truth, telling petitioners who demanded that President Obama’s administration clear the record on the topic once and for all that there’s no UFO cover-up or conspiracy.

Despite what films… Continue reading Note to Hollywood: White House Officially Goes on Record Regarding Whether Aliens Have Visited Earth

For over a year, the next James Bond adventure has been stuck with the clunky title of ‘Bond 23.’ Last month, rumors began circulating online that ’23’ would actually be called ‘Skyfall,’ after Sony Pictures acquired dozens of URLs containing that name and/or Bond. During a press conference in England on Thursday, the cast and crew confirmed that ‘Skyfall’ is indeed the film’s… Continue reading Confirmed: The Next James Bond Film Officially Called 'Skyfall'