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Hi-ho, it’s your friendly TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs emcee here, and boy oh boy have we missed you! It’s been two whole weeks since we dove back into the TV.com mailbag and pulled out the best comments of the week. This week, we visit Storybrooke for a little casting fun, we debate sitcom formats, and we reminisce about holiday specials past.

Let’s face it. Most of us live in a fantasy world… Continue reading TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Once Upon a Time Casting and the Best Holiday Episodes

Hopefully you’ll be spending your post-Thanksgiving weekend chillaxin’ with your families and just enjoying some cool holiday vibes. Feel free to not watch television at all! But if you must, here are some things:

What to watch on Friday, November 25…

HOLIDAY SPECIAL, 8pm, CWGrandma Got Run Over By a ReindeerThis is a cartoon version of the song that every town’s worst radio station plays a million times every Christmas (when not… Continue reading What to Watch This Weekend: Once Upon A Time, Leverage, and The Walking Dead

After three thoroughly enjoyable episodes, Once Upon A Time missed its mark last night. Beginning with the second fairy godmother assassination I’ve seen this year (thanks, True Blood!) “The Price of Gold” went out of its way to butcher “Cinderella,” my favorite fairy tale.

Far from the unselfish and hardworking storybook character, Once Upon a Time’s Cinderella was a grasping domestic who welshed on more than one deal with Rumpelstiltskin and… Continue reading Once Upon a Time: Assassination of (Fairy Tale) Character

mr gold once upon a time Once Upon a Time: Emma strikes a bargain with Mr. GoldAnother excellent episode of “Once Upon a Time.” It’s three for four, so far. The only one we didn’t love was the second episode, but even that wasn’t bad. Just not as tip-top as the other three, we thought.

Fairytale Land

Cinderella (or just “Ella,” which was her real name) is there being the maid to her step family. The fairy godmother is rather unceremoniously dispatched by… Continue reading 'Once Upon a Time': Emma strikes a bargain with Mr. Gold

Sometimes it’s not enough to let two similar things coexist amicably. Sometimes, it’s necessary to label one of them as “better” so we can keep order in the world. We see similar trends, facsimiles, and straight-up rip-offs in television all the time; as such, we’ve decided to do our part to determine who does what better. And so we present our new Throwdown series, a semi-regular feature in which we’ll… Continue reading TV.com Throwdown: Once Upon a Time vs. Grimm