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People have been complaining a lot about the recent action-movie titling trend that forgoes any sense of specific flavor and instead just presents the main character’s full name. It’s a curious marketing choice, to be sure, but there really aren’t as many offenders as you might think. A lot of them do seem to start with the letter “J,” though.

With the release of this week’s Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (a title… Continue reading Who Wins in a Battle of the Titular Action Heroes: 'Jack Ryan,' 'John Carter,' 'Jack Reacher,' 'Alex Cross' or...?

For some, Prince Philip is an embarrassment with a knack for ill-judged humour and gaffes that have seen him accused of racism and xenophobia….. Continue reading Prince Philip at 90: Prince charming or king of the gaffes?

He’s blunt. He’s brash. And he hopes Americans will put a reality TV star in the White House. Developer Donald Trump wants to add the White House to his brand.Billionaire Trump, famous to Americans fo Continue reading Politics or marketing, Trump builds a White House bid