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In order to cope with a family crisis, Jesse James created his top priority; at present he is trying to maintain some normality in the lives of his three children. When he has a free moment, Jesse spends it with his children. He takes them to school and does some things they adore to do. […] Continue reading Jesse James Hopes for Reconciliation

With the help of the new product developed by security vendor known as Trusteer, banks will be able to remotely investigate the computers of their customers in case of hack suspicion
The name of the service is Flashlight, it is created in order to help banks security experts identify what kind of malicious software programs customers […] Continue reading Trusteer Unveils Flashlight

Well-known social networking company such as Facebook said that it is going to open an office in Hyderabad in southern India. The new office will be offering online sales, it will also include operations teams.
It was decided to start with a small initial team that will have experts on the Facebook product in order […] Continue reading Facebook Is Going to Set up an Office in India