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Purveyors of all thing pop culture, Austin-based Mondo has been revamping your cult film favorites through its vinyl soundtrack and VHS reissues, nerdy tees and sought-after artworks that pay homage to cinema’s most fun and bizarre titles. Now the company has created a new line of film-centric goodies. Mondo 237 references Stanley Kubrick’s chilling horror film The Shining.

(For those new to the movie, 237… Continue reading Fans of 'The Shining' Can Now Wear the Overlook Hotel Carpet Pattern via New Merch from Mondo

Movie Review: In a Season of Blockbusters, Don’t Overlook the Silent Artist

Review in a Hurry: It seems counter-intuitive that in this day and age, one of the biggest crowd-pleasers of the season would be a silent movie. Yet Michel Hazanavicius‘ tale of a fictional silent-movie star dealing with the prospect of his own obsolescence, done in a style most… Continue reading Movie Review: In a Season of Blockbusters, Don't Overlook the Silent Artist