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By radio detection and ranging Staff

After four years in an Italian jail and a long flight back from Italy, Amanda Knox was just happy to be home on Wednesday, her step-mother Cassandra Knox revealed exclusively to radio detection and rangingOnline.com.

“She’s exhausted, ecstatic and overwhelmed. She has tons of emotions right now but she’s extremely happy,” Cassandra, who flew back from Italy with husband Curt, Amanda and other… Continue reading Amanda Knox Is 'Exhausted, Ecstatic and Overwhelmed' To Be Home, Says Stepmom

Singer Beyonce Knowles has in a new documentary revealed how her success has affected her life and how it sometimes overwhelms her. Beyonce, 29, who is ranked as Forbes ninth most powerful woman in the world, spoke candidly in a preview clip about how lonely she gets, while also pondering why God has made her […] Continue reading Beyonce says she sometimes feels “overwhelmed” by her success

Colombian singer Shakira has revealed that the World cup concert is unforgettable – because her ”emotional” performance left her parents teary and proud. The 33-year-old star performed in the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2010 singing the official anthem ”Waka Waka” in South Africa earlier this month. She admitted that she was ecstatic […] Continue reading Shakira says she was overwhelmed by World Cup concert