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Review in a Hurry: Director Ridley Scott‘s (sorta) Alien prequel arrives with much secrecy, a stellar cast, and groundbreaking 3-D visuals. The sense of… Continue reading Movie Review: Prometheus Packed With Great Acting, Big Ideas—and Monsters!

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By radio detection and ranging Staff

What better way to declare your independence, than to go out and get inked?

After revealing details about her extremely private life in an exclusive interview earlier this week, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s daughter Isabella showed off her new body art while enjoying a romantic afternoon with her live-in boyfriend Eddie Frencher in Los Angeles… Continue reading What Would Tom Say? Tattooed Isabella Cruise Enjoys PDA Packed Lunch

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Review in a Hurry: Spotted. Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester getting her crazy on as the roommate from hell to her new BFF, Friday Night Lights’ Minka Kelly. Let the battle of the TV hotties… Continue reading Movie Review: The Roommate a Silly Psycho Slumber Party Packed With TV Hotties