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willis%20unbreakable Which Director and Actor Pairings Need to Happen Again?

If you miss the good old days of M. Night Shyamalan movies, you may be in luck with the announcement via Deadline that his next project features a script he wrote early in his career. Also, he’s reteaming with Bruce Willis, star of his two best features, The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable.

Of course, now our expectations are built way up again for a filmmaker who… Continue reading Which Director and Actor Pairings Need to Happen Again?

cat deeley sytycd So You Think You Can Dance boots four; Top 10 All Star pairings begin next weekAfter a two-week Olympics hiatus, four contestants were eliminated tonight (Aug. 15) on “So You Think You Can Dance,” in which the dancers honored Emmy-winning choreographer and judge Mia Michaels by performing her iconic routines.

Of the six dancers who received the fewest votes, Matthew Kazmierczak, Dareian Kujawa, Janelle Issis and Amelia Lowe were sent home.

Lindsay Arnold and George Lawrence II were spared by Nigel… Continue reading 'So You Think You Can Dance' boots four; Top 10 All-Star pairings begin next week

Dancing With The Stars Season 12 – Who you cheering for? Kirstie Alley, Kendra Wilkinson, Wendy Williams, Chris Jericho, Ralph Macchio. Now that we know the celebs who will be [...] Continue reading “Dancing With The Stars” Season 12 Pairings Announced

On Wednesday morning, ABC producers announced pairings for the new season of the network’s hit ballroom dance competition Dancing With The Stars. The professional dancers and their celebrity partners for the 11th season of the ABC competition were unveiled to the world for the first time during an airing of Good Morning America — and [...] Continue reading “Dancing With The Stars” Season 11 Pairings Announced