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Rachel Zoe ShoesNPG

Stylist turned TV star turned new mom, Rachel Zoe, has a love-hate relationship with heels.

“I used to live in New York, so I ran all over from place to place just like everybody else,” she tells Daily Front Row. “I was dashing to an appointment somewhere, the sidewalk was raised, and it caught my shoe. The heel just snapped right off.”

That… Continue reading Rachel Zoe’s Son Has Up to 100 Pairs of Shoes

By radio detection and ranging Staff

It’s the great panties puzzle!  Thousands of pairs of panties have been found along a road in central Ohio, and they’re in all colors and patterns.

Some new, some worn, and many still neatly folded, the estimated 3,000 — that’s 3,000!! — pairs of women’s panties were discovered in the trees and hillsides along a road in Berne Township, about 30 miles southeast of Columbus… Continue reading The Great Panties Puzzle! Thousands Of Pairs Of Panties Found Along Ohio Road