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What to watch on Tuesday, November 8…

We all know that you were kicked out of the NBA for gaining 170 pounds during the off-season and you’ve spent much of your time since then dwelling on past regrets. But now is your chance to get yourself back on the path to winning by… Uh, watching TV! Specifically these items:

8pm, FOXGleeIt’s here, the much anticipated (?) virginity-losin’ episode! In “The First Time,”… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: Glee, Parenthood, and Sons of Anarchy

What to watch on Tuesday, October 18…

Well, wishing that today would be Tuesday wasn’t the best use of your final wish from that genie, but here we are anyway. Luckily there’s some good stuff on!

SERIES PREMIERE, 8:30pm, ABCMan Up!Rounding out ABC’s imagined reverse-sexism comedy block fronted by Tim Allen, Man Up! tells the tale of three aging dudes who decide to become real men for a change. Despite the title… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: Parenthood, Ringer, and the Premiere of Man Up!

What to watch on Tuesday, October 11…

Someone must’ve taken their finger out of the dyke because new shows continue to FLOOD in!

SERIES PREMIERE, 8pm, ABCLast Man StandingAll your letter-writing campaigns and online petitions have finally paid off! Tonight Tim Allen returns to primetime with a refreshing new take on Home Improvement: DAUGHTERS. In tonight’s premiere, manly man Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) accidentally becomes an internet celebrity when his YouTube rant… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: Parenthood, Sons of Anarchy, and Tim Allen's Last Man Standing

Teen Mom’s Tyler Baitierra and Catelynn Lowell — who gave their young daughter up for adoption earlier this year — dropped by NBC’s The TODAY Show on Thursday, where they chatted with correspondent Matt Lauer in a bid to debunk critics’ claims that the smash series glamorizes the perils of teen parenthood.Visit msnbc.com for breaking […] Continue reading “Teen Mom” Tyler & Catelynn “The TODAY Show” VIDEO: Is MTV Glamorizing Teen Parenthood?

Actor Billy Baldwin has landed a recurring role on Season 2 of the NBC comedy-drama Parenthood, the network announced Wednesday.The youngest Baldwin Brother will be playing Gordon Flint, the wealthy, charismatic boss of Peter Krause’s character Adam. “Gordon is content to let Adam do the grunt work of running the company, preferring to spend his time […] Continue reading Billy Baldwin Joins “Parenthood”