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The Important News

Last weekend at Comic-Con, we got first wind of the following announcements: The King of the Monsters will be joined by three fan favorite creatures in Godzilla 2. If that’s not enough giant beasts, Universal is also making a King Kong prequel set on and titled Skull Island.

The main cast of Ant-Man and their characters — including Evangeline Lilly as The… Continue reading Best of the Week: Comic-Con Leftovers, Martin Scorsese's Childhood Passion Project and More

Passion Trailer 2013 Rachel McAdams Movie – Official [HD]

Passion Trailer 2013 – Official movie trailer in HD — starring Rachel McAdams , Noomi Rapace – directed by Brian De Palma – an erotic thriller fueled by sex…
new movie 2013 trailers Video Rating: 4 / 5

remodeled-joseph-paul-olga.jpgWe’ll just get right to it: The CW doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to reality shows. “America’s Next Top Model” is the only one that’s lasted more than a season, and that was adopted from UPN when The CW took its place in 2006.

Paul Fisher, whose “Remodeled” kicked off Tuesday night on The CW, insists that his show is not… Continue reading 'Remodeled' on The CW: Paul Fisher talks Kayla Humphries and his 'mission of passion'

Image Entertainment has released the trailer for the Mitch Glazer drama Passion Play , starring Mickey Rourke, Bill Murray, Megan Fox, Rhys Ifans, Kelly Lynch and Chuck Liddell.

In the film, Nate Poole (Rourke) is a washed-up jazz musician fleeing from trigger-happy gangster Happy Shannon (Murray). While on the run, Nate stumbles across a traveling carnival, and is instantly mesmerized by the carnival’s prized attraction, Lily “The Bird Woman” (Fox). But… Continue reading The Trailer for Passion Play

Megan Fox: 'Passion Play' Trailer Released!

Check out the trailer for Megan Fox’s upcoming film Passion Play, which hits theaters on May 6!

Synopsis: Nate (Mickey Rourke), a down-on-his-luck jazz trumpeter’s life changes when he meets Lily (Fox), the star of a carnival sideshow attraction. What makes Lily so special is the fact that she has beautiful, real wings on display for the world to see… Continue reading Megan Fox: 'Passion Play' Trailer Released!