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Heads up, Science Lovers: President Obama’s coming to Mythbusters. Never one to shy away for a beer conference or a guest spot on late-night TV, Obama is now turning his efforts to a bid to promote science education. In this sneak peek clip, we get our first look at the Commander-in-Chief’s guest spot on the [...] Continue reading President Obama On “Mythbusters” [Sneak Peek]

Hey Beliebers, need another reason to hate Rihanna? The “What’s My Name?” singer, 22, told her Twitter followers that the 16-year-old heartthrob lifted up his top and flashed his “lil six pack” at her while they were sharing a meal together. Calm down, Ladies! Double LOLs at the #BeliebersPlzDontKillMe tag! Justin later wrote on his [...] Continue reading Rihanna Sneaks Peek At Bieber’s Barely-Legal Abs

Seaside Heights isn’t the only city with sand, surf, and an abundance of ethnic stereotypes. The East Coast meets The Mounties on the new Canadian reality series Lake Shore. Well, this should be good and embarrassing. The slapped-on spray tans and gelled-up poufs that helped Jersey Shore become the most-watched program in MTV’s history are [...] Continue reading Canada “Jersey Shore” “Lake Shore” [VIDEO Sneak Peek]

In a new interview with ABC Nightline (Check Your Local Listings), Nick Hogan is breaking his silence on the 2008 car crash that left his best friend, former Marine John Graziano, in a permanent vegetative state. The former star of TV’s Hogan Knows Best spent five months in solitary confinement in a Florida jail after [...] Continue reading [VIDEO] Nick Hogan “Nightline ABC” Interview Sneak Peek

Britney Spears big Glee debut is right around the corner. In anticipation of Tuesday night’s Britney Tribute, FOX has released a sneak peek at the episode — titled “Britney/Brittany.” Here it is: Continue reading VIDEO: “Glee” Sneak Peek “Britney/Brittany”