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Motorola, a few months back, launched Motorola Milestone smartphone and thanks to its great features that lot of people are asking for the device. The phone has great phone call quality, sturdy build, well-sized screen for touch response but it is bulky and not sleek. With this phone the company has reestablished its credential in […] Continue reading Motorola Milestone, a comeback smartphone for the company

Apple’s iPad has compelled the people to redefine the way they consume most of forms of media. After few months of its use, the consumers have not still explored its full potential. The device is a mix of television, a smart phone and a laptop. Now many consumers are viewing it as a tool to […] Continue reading Apple iPad functions as writing tool also

Apple is expected to launch its new fourth-generation iPhone in this week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The company Chief Executing is to address the meet and it is well known that he will dedicate major part of the speech on the new phone.
Experts say that the new iPhone is much thinner and […] Continue reading Apple’s 4G iPhone launch expected any day

Sony Ericsson has announced launching of its mobile phone, the Xperia X10, in this month in South Korea, which is fast-growing market for smartphones.
The company has said that its new focus is in the market of South Korea. It is now a well-known fact that the country is going to be a major […] Continue reading Sony Ericsson phone Xperia X10 launched

After AT&T had on Wednesday announced to charge fees from the phone users for using mobile data in order to make heavy users to pay more, Verizon Wireless also is likely to take similar steps soon.
Experts are now saying the Verizon, which is the U.S market leader, will cut its prices only at […] Continue reading Verizon Wireless likely to charge fees on Web surfing on phone