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Apple 4G iPhone revealed at WWDC

The big news from WWDC at this moment is that the Apple officials have started revealing details about Apple’s new iPhone 4G.
One of the major changes that are likely to be noticed in the phone is that it will be 9.3 mm thin and will be the thinnest so far the phone has a [...] Continue reading Apple 4G iPhone revealed at WWDC

Blackberry Curve 8530 launched for Indian markets

Research in Motion has launched Blackberry Curve 8530 for the Indian markets. The phone is priced at Rs 18990 and is being release in partnership with Tata Teleservices. But the phone will be made available only to the Tata Teleservices CDMA consumers. Main features of the phone include email, messaging, Multimedia, social networking and entertainment. [...] Continue reading Blackberry Curve 8530 launched for Indian markets

Apple to design solar iPhone

Now Apple is thinking of focusing on designs of a solar powered iPhone. Reports are that the company has filed for the patents of such a phone and other devices like iPods.
However, in May, Dexim had already brought a solar –powered battery and dock for its iPhone 3G and 3GS. But Apple has [...] Continue reading Apple to design solar iPhone

Apple’s iPhone may get potential challenge from Goggle’s Android operating system and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. These two rivals have different approaches in order to have some success of Apple’s devices in fast growing mobile marketplace.
For Microsoft the stakes are higher as its Window CE kernel was loosing its market share fast. Now [...] Continue reading Apple’s phone to face challenge from Google and Microsoft

Motorola, a few months back, launched Motorola Milestone smartphone and thanks to its great features that lot of people are asking for the device. The phone has great phone call quality, sturdy build, well-sized screen for touch response but it is bulky and not sleek. With this phone the company has reestablished its credential in [...] Continue reading Motorola Milestone, a comeback smartphone for the company