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By Amber Goodhand – Radar Reporter

Philadelphia Eagles star Michael Vick is caught up in a naked photo scandal and radio detection and rangingOnline.com has exclusive details.

A woman claiming to have a “full frontal” picture of Vick is shopping it around to various media outlets in an attempt for some financial gain.

However, Vick’s camp exclusively tells radio detection and rangingOnline.com that he has better things to worry about — but… Continue reading Philadelphia Eagle Michael Vick Caught Up In Nude Photo Scandal

We’re eight episodes in and it’s becoming clear that The Secret Circle is not so much about magic itself, but rather what magic attracts. In the case of this circle, it’s MIND-NUMBING HORROR. Whether it’s dealing with teens in pig masks toting chloroform hankies or demonic slugs crawling in your orifices, it’s starting to look like being a witch isn’t exactly the hottest scenario. This subtle shift in intention makes… Continue reading The Secret Circle: Family Trouble Dare (PHOTO RECAP)

The elephant graveyard of failed TV series is littered with shows that attempted last-minute makeovers before ultimate cancellation. Whether through recasting lead roles, changing locations, killing characters, or just simply altering the basic tone, a good show can be made terrible just as often as a decent show can be made amazing. Although I’ve enjoyed and admired much of The Secret Circle to this point, it certainly hasn’t been without… Continue reading The Secret Circle: Forget it Jake, It's Chance Harbor (PHOTO RECAP)

From American Idol to Broadway to… Genoa City? Hey, don’t knock it: The Young and the Restless needed a singer so they called upon season 3 runner-up Diana DeGarmo to play one – but with a bit of a twist.

Starting Oct. 31, DeGarmo will portray a Jersey girl named Angelina, the ambitious daughter of mob boss Angelo Veneziano (Mike Starr). His little angel wants a career in music… Continue reading ‘American Idol’ runner-up Diana DeGarmo on ‘Young and the Restless’ — EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

Whew! We’re only five episodes into the series and already it’s clear that The Secret Circle is NOT messing around. After last week’s embrace of full-on horror, this week’s episode continued the demonic-possession storyline, moved the mythology forward, and also killed off a MAIN CHARACTER for good measure! Earlier this season, I complained that binding the circle would keep the characters too safe, but I was wrong. Credit where credit’s… Continue reading The Secret Circle: Busted! (PHOTO RECAP)