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G22920 260x195 First Official Photo of Bane in Dark Knight Rises

Well here it is – the first official image of Tom Hardy as Bane in the new Batman film. This pic went online earlier from JoBlo.com after a pretty weird viral marketing thing. I really dig the image so far as it is definitely different than Bane from the terrible Batman and Robin. It reminds me of the early pictures of the Joker where we immediately… Continue reading First Official Photo of Bane in Dark Knight Rises

We are T-minus two days from Saturday Night Live’s season 36 finale, and expectations are running high — maybe even higher than the magic place that motherlovin’ Justin Timberlake (returning as host for the fourth time) and musical guest Lady Gaga (channeling some Cruella de Vil) are gazing toward in this exclusive promo photo. “They’re  ‘Saturday Night Live’ host Justin Timberlake with musical guest Lady Gaga — EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

Crystal Clear Picture:

Out of the batch of Fright Night 3D images that were released a few weeks back, it looks like we missed one…

A good look at David Tennant as Peter Vincent.

We gave you a peek at the actor when his visage appeared on a Hard Rock Hotel banner . Vincent, in this Craig Gillespie-directed update of the ’80s film, is a Vegas performer (think Criss Angel).

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