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Tonight Harrison Ford stops by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where the ABC late night host reunites Han Solo with his old Millennium Falcon co-pilot Chewbacca. Sources are keeping quiet on the contents of the cold open skit which brings together Ford with his tall furry Star Wars co-star, but Geeks of a Certain Age should definitely watch. Need more convincing? The episode is guest directed by Jon Favreau. Here’s… Continue reading Harrison Ford and Chewbacca reunited by Jimmy Kimmel — EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

1. “Ew.”

2. “How old is Angus T. Jones?”

3. “There’s something vaguely incest-y about this.”

4. “Why are Jon Cryer’s eyes locked on Ashton Kutcher’s testicles?”

5. “Winning?”

6. “I’ve heard of vanity cards, but this is ridiculous.”

7. “Why do they all have the same legs?”

8. “Who actually watches Two and a Half Men?”

9.Community did this better.”

10. “Goddamn it, I’m turned on.”… Continue reading 10 Random Thoughts About This First-Look Photo for the "New" Two and a Half Men

It may not be as buzzed-about as her wedding gown, but after a week of fabulous fashion during her tour of Canada, the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress for her only black-tie event, a BAFTA dinner in Los Angeles, does have fans on the edge of their seats.

But did Canadian soldiers spoil the surprise?

While loading luggage onto the Royal plane in Yellowknife, Canada on Wednesday, one soldier lifted a garment bag… Continue reading PHOTO: Is This Kate's BAFTA Dress?


Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television

If you’ve watched syndicated reruns of sitcom How I Met Your Mother lately, you might have been startled to see advertisements for very current movies such as Bad Teacher and Zookeeper in episodes that originally aired as early as 2006, long before those flicks were made. The photos here, for instance, are from the second-season… Continue reading ‘How I Met Your Mother’: Why are ads for new movies in old reruns? — PHOTO

Cameron Diaz Still Laughing About Alex Rodriguez Popcorn Photo | Alex Rodriguez, Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez

Kadena Pix/Bauer-Griffin

Four months later, Cameron Diaz is still having to explain her popcorn love for Alex Rodriguez.

The actress