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kate middleton 1 Kate’s Topless Photographer Identified! Name Of Pap Who Snapped Middleton Given To Authorities


By radio detection and ranging Staff

Kate Middleton was horrified when topless pictures of her were published in a French magazine but now the photographer has been identified and the authorities have been given their name.

The series of racy photos showed the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless and were published in Closer magazine, but the Royal Family claimed that they… Continue reading Kate’s Topless Photographer Identified! Name Of Pap Who Snapped Middleton Given To Authorities

By Amber Goodhand – Radar News Editor

Paris Hilton was caught in a scuffle early Wednesday morning with a photographer, but radio detection and rangingOnline.com has learned it was actually the heiress who started it and we have the exclusive video footage to prove it.

Photographer Billy Barrera was at the West Hollywood nightclub Bootsy Bellows on Tuesday night into the early hours of Wednesday morning covering Katy Perry’s movie premiere… Continue reading Paris Hilton Started The Fight, Attacked Photographer: See The Video Proof!

Felice Quinto, known as ‘king of the paparazzi’ and model for ‘La Dolce Vita’ character, diesFelice Quinto, a renowned celebrity photographer and the likely model for the character Paparazzo in Federi Continue reading Celebrity photographer Felice Quinto dies at 80

Who knew dragging Perez Hilton around on a leash could get a girl into so much trouble?! Rihanna’s raunchy video promo for the chart fizzler “S&M” is still getting the flame-haired pop tart into hot water nearly a month after it first made a splash on the Interwebs. After being censored on YouTube and banned [...] Continue reading David LaChapelle Rihanna Lawsuit: Photographer Suing Pop Star Over “S&M” VIDEO

Former bad girl-turned-fashion designer Nicole Richie has been granted a restraining order against an agressive snapper who she accuses of stalking her young children. The photographer, Fabricio Luis Mariotto, “drives erratically around my children and others, yells, screams and attempts to scare us so that he can photograph our reaction. He trespasses on preschool property [...] Continue reading Nicole Richie Obtains Restraining Order Against Child-Stalking Photographer