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pan-am-review.jpgTwo network series debuting this fall take place in 1963 and are clearly inspired, at least in part, by “Mad Men.” Viewers have already weighed in on “The Playboy Club” at NBC, and the verdict was not a very favorable one.

I’m hoping that’s not the case with “Pan Am,” which premieres on ABC Sunday (Sept. 25). It’s not only a much better show than “The… Continue reading 'Pan Am' review: ABC's sunny period pies flies high

-American Pie star Seann William Scott has entered treatment for “health and personal issues…” -Former supermodel Tyra Banks chats about her new fashion website and her enrollment in the Harvard […]

Kerry Katona had a feisty 30th birthday enjoying bites of steak, kidney, cottage pies. The devouring times continued and Kerry washed it all down with her favourite Cinzano Bianco cocktails at her party last night. The party was held in a marquee in West Sussex on Saturday. Kerry was yesterday spotted larking around with pal […] Continue reading Kerry Katona gorges on pies on 30th birthday bash