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French director-actor Guillaume Canet, who first gained attention in the U.S. with the thriller “Tell No One,” is leading a triple assault on the… Continue reading Canet a canny film player

Hilary Duff’s love affair with hockey player Mike Comrie got a fairy-tale ending on Saturday, as the Disney princess tied the knot with her hockey … Continue reading Hilary Duff marries hockey player Mike Comrie

American film actor Edward Norton has been chucked out from new movie ‘The Avengers’ for reportedly not being a team player and for failing to work as “part of an ensemble”. Norton, 40, was expected to reprise his role as ‘The Incredible Hulk’ after playing the green monster in the 2008 blockbuster of the same […] Continue reading Edward Norton ditched from ‘Avengers’ for not being team player

Jessica Simpson is apparently dating former NFL player Eric Johnson. Johnson last played for the New Orleans Saints back in 2008. Simpson began dating Johnson in May. Johnson split from his wife earlier this year, filing for divorce in February. A source told TMZ that they are ‘very happy.’ Continue reading Jessica Simpson ‘dating former NFL player’

Adobe has introduced Flash Player 10.1. It can be used for the mobile platform. It provides full support for Flash content on mobile devices such as smartphones.  Android-based smartphones will be the first to take advantage of Flash Player 10.1. Also such partners of Adobe as Palm, Research in Motion, Microsoft as well as Symbian […] Continue reading Adobe Unveils Flash Player 10.1