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Poison Ivy – The New Seduction

The quiet home of a suburban family is suddenly destroyed when Ivy’s beautiful but evil sister Violet returns to her childhood home and shatters the life of her former best friend Joy. Using her sexuality as a weapon she seduces both Joy’s father and fiancee. No deception is too… Continue reading Poison Ivy - The New Seduction

Poison Ivy / Poison Ivy 2 – Lily / Poison Ivy – The New Seduction

Alyssa Milano plays Lily, a Good Girl who moves to LA to attend art school and discovers a secret diary belonging to Ivy, from the previous movie. (That plot point alone should warn you that Poison Ivy 2 bears, at… Continue reading Poison Ivy / Poison Ivy 2 - Lily / Poison Ivy - The New Seduction

Ever wonder what happened to those who opposed Adolf Hitler before he took power in Germany? Director Robert Schwentke (Red, Flightplan) may soon have an answer for you. He’ll be directing an adaptation of the book “Explaining Hitler,” by Ron Rosenbaum. More specifically the film will cover a chapter called “The Poison Kitchen,” and it will cover the story of a newspaper called Muncher Post… Continue reading 'Red' Director to Help Explain Hitler in 'The Poison Kitchen'

Spokesfolks for The Cyruses deny it, but Us Weekly is shouting a salacious scoop about the Achy Breaky Breakup (Excuse the Irresistible Pun) between Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife of 17 years Tish — better known these days simply as Miley Cyrus’ parents. Us snoops claim that filed Billy Ray filed for divorce in […] Continue reading Bret Michaels Tish Cyrus Affair? Did Miley Cyrus’ Mom Cheat With Poison Rocker?

A Doll-less Nicole Scherzinger flies solo — and kicks some serious boy butt — in the superhero-fused video promo for her latest solo single, “Poison.” The RedOne-produced track will be digitally released on Nov. 29. Rock It or Drop It? Continue reading Nicole Scherzinger “Poison” Music VIDEO Premiere