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Image Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

British comedian Russell Brand took the stage at the end of the FX press tour to give TV critics a taste of his late-night talk show Strangely Uplifting (premiering in April), and wound up also giving them a trippy tour of his brain that had them chortling and shaking their heads. Here are the highlights:

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Review in a Hurry: Hey look! Ryan Gosling is in another film this week year, and he’s brought a whole lotta Hollywood heavy-hitters along with him. Director/cowriter/costar George Clooney‘s political thriller focuses on a young and ambitious press secretary (Gosling), who discovers that—surprise!—there’s a lot of shady deals… Continue reading Movie Review: The Ides of March Just Like Other Politics Thrillers, Except With More Ryan Gosling!

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Staff Reporter
Politics is Hollywood for ugly people, is how the saying goes, so why do actors want in so badly?
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