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There had been much of rampant rumors and speculations recently over the chemistry between the lady Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake, her ex-boyfriend.
After lot of efforts by many people to pair the former couple together, it was discovered that the lady has a new relationship budding under the wraps. The lady was seen abandoning […] Continue reading Cameron Diaz’s New Romance

Ellen DeGeneres recently discovered that she and pop star Madonna are distant cousins but was too busy to delve into her ancestry. But now Lisa Kudrow has done the work for her.
The former ‘Friends star’ has appeared on ”Who Do You Think You Are?” – the reality show that traces the ancestry of popular celebrities, […] Continue reading How Ellen DeGeneres is related to Madonna

Recently in LILONGWE, Malawi, an academy for new African girls is being led for which the guest of honor was Madonna. She promoted the whole act by actively participating in it and placed the very first brick of the building on which an inscription saying “dare to dream” was written.
The event took place last Tuesday […] Continue reading Madonna to Establish a School for African girls