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Presidents Who Shouldn’t Get Their Own Movies

This weekend, Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” hits theaters. From director Steven Spielberg, the film is a sweeping look at the vaulted sixteenth President of the United States, as played by one-time oil magnate (and frequent milkshake drinker) Daniel Day-Lewis. While Lincoln was the closest thing we have to a superhero — strong-willed, clearly moral, vampire hunter — not

Why Do We Make Presidents Into Action Heroes?

You’d think being president of the United States would be a dramatic enough occupation, but no. Being leader of the free world is isn’t exactly a low-stakes assignment, but in the dream-life of our movies, we also need our presidents to be two-fisted action heroes.

Exhibit A: This weekend’s “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” which imagines the Railsplitter splitting open the heads of undead bloodsuckers with an ax. Its star, Benjamin Walker… Continue reading Why Do We Make Presidents Into Action Heroes?

martin sheen emilio estevez 530 Presidents Clinton and Bartlet Watch The Way Together

Last night, a well-to-do crowd of generous New Yorkers enjoyed a rare opportunity to hang out with two presidents of the United States: Bill Clinton and Josiah Bartlet. The occasion was a charity screening of ‘The Way,’ starring Martin Sheen — who played Bartlet on ‘The West Wing’ from 1999 to 2006 — and directed by Sheen’s son Emilio Estevez. Clinton, who was there to support… Continue reading Presidents Clinton and Bartlet Watch 'The Way' Together

DC Museum Makes Room For All The Presidents

George W. Bush is surrounded by 9/11 images, Jimmy Carter stands beside a gasoline pump, and George Washington rows across the Delaware River in a … Continue reading DC Museum Makes Room For All The Presidents