Lindsay Lohan Twitter Product Placement – “Mean Girls” Actress Promoting

Cash-strapped actress Lindsay Lohan has come up with a interesting way of funding her current fifth stint in rehab: She’s hawking coupons on Twitter. Whatever pays the bills we suppose. Lohan — who celebrated 100 days of sobriety on Wednesday — has raised eyebrows after she repeatedly posted advertisements for gift cards on her Twitter

Kindle resists inclusion of iPad screen and color

It is now learnt that Amazon is not going to follow blindly to include some key features of iPad in its Kindle device. The technology world has been guessing that whether or not Kindle will follow the changes that have come in iPad and this speculation has come especially after the launch of Apple’s popular

Google TV, a new experiment mixing web and entertainment

Google Inc has launched new software that aims at those viewers who wish to use the Internet and wants to see the advertisements as well. This way there will be more revenue generation for the search engine.
This new tool is called Google TV and it will work with collaboration from Intel Chip and