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lindsay lohan5In a bid to make money, Lindsay Lohan repeatedly posted an advertisement for gift cards on her Twitter account all day on Wednesday. A spokesman for TaDa, the company behind the link the Mean Girls star tweeted, had no comment on Lohan’s work for the company or how much she was paid. “We do not […] Continue reading LiLo promoting products on Twitter in exchange for money

Mariah Carey, who has announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Nick Cannon, is all set to launch her own line of lifestyle products and jewelry for the Home Shopping Network. The pop star diva, will be taking to the small screen to hawk her designs starting on Nov. 29, according to […] Continue reading Pregnant Mariah Carey to debut line of lifestyle products, jewelry

She might be Hollywood’s biggest superstar, but Jennifer Aniston spends a meagre 30 dollars a month on her beauty regime, opting instead for good diet and exercise. The actress has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, and has repeatedly said staying in shape is just down to working out and eating healthily. The former […] Continue reading Jennifer Aniston just spends $30 on beauty products

Business-saavy reality TV star Kim Kardashian is trying to get teen bestie Justin Bieber tangled up in the hair business. Kim’s next money-making venture may include the pop heartthrob and his feathered haircut. The soft-spoken brunette, 29, is encouraging Biebs to launch a line of signature hair products that will capitalize on the popularity of […] Continue reading Justin Bieber Haircare Products, Endorsed By Kim Kardashian!

Frank Shaw, Microsoft PR honcho, left an interesting piece of information on the Microsoft blog. According to him, new Windows 7 is sold out unbelievably quickly: seven copies per second. This popular maths shows customers and especially Microsoft‘s competitors that the scale of the company’s service is really impressive and massive. The article implies that […] Continue reading Windows 7 VS Other Popular Products