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The Sci-Fi News: Akira Gets Japanese, Ender Gets a Hugo and Area 51 Gets Hurd

In the first bit of Akira casting news that makes any sense at all, Oscar nominated Japanese actor (and certified badass) Ken Watanabe has been offered the role of The Colonel in Jaume “Orphan” Collet-Serra’s remake of the classic anime. Gary Oldman was the first choice for the part, but Warner Bros… Continue reading The Last Sci-Fi Blog: 'Akira' Casts! 'Melancholia' Depresses! 'Prometheus' Prompts Snap Judgments!

Little Monster Gone Gaga: Pop sensation Lady Gaga has taken out an order of protection against an obsessed student who allegedly threatened to shoot her in the head so they could ‘‘die together.” The “Poker Face” singer took legal action after she received a letter from Russian-born New Yorker Anastasia Obukhova, 26. “You come to […] Continue reading Crazed Lady Gaga Fan Prompts Restraining Order

The NAACP has issued a statement condemning actor Mel Gibson after the well-documented anti-Semite was accused of spitting out a racial during a homicidal rant against his former girlfriend. Four years to the month since his last public scandal, the actor has reportedly been recorded dropping the N-Bomb in an expletive-laden, jaw-dropping tirade against Russian […] Continue reading Mel Gibson N-Word Tirade Prompts Response From NAACP