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May 31, 2012

prophet small Reid Carolin to Adapt Michael Korytas The ProphetMichael Koryta’s The Prophet won’t hit bookshelves until August, but producer Nick Wechsler (The Road) has already purchased the film rights and hired Magic Mike screenwriter Reid Carolin to adapt the novel. On his official site, Koryta describes the upcoming tale as follows:

Adam Austin hasn’t spoken to his brother in years. When they were teenagers, their sister was abducted and murdered

theprophetkahlilgibra Hayek Producing Animated Adaptation of Gibrans The ProphetKhalil Gibran’s best known fictional work “The Prophet” is being adapted for the big screen in a new production that will involve collaborations across many borders. In this adaptation, each of the 89-year old classic’s chapters will be directed by a different award-winning filmmaker, with Roger Allers (The Lion King) responsible for the connective through-line narrative.

Pre-production is scheduled to begin this month, with Salma Hayek producing… Continue reading Hayek Producing Animated Adaptation of Gibran's The Prophet

by Radar Staff
With most of the world already past the deadline for Saturday’s supposed ‘end of the world’, the man behind the fear appears is nowhere to be found!
Rapture prophet and evangelical radio show host Harold Camping was unusually absent from… Continue reading The World Appears Safe -- Until The Next Doomsday Prophecy!

tS3668 260x195 Get on TV: Upload Reviews for Cop Out, The Crazies and A Prophet

We want your webcam reviews for Cop Out, The Crazies and A Prophet this weekend for the Rotten Tomatoes Show. Any reviewers who make it on the show will be paid $100 via paypal.

We need concise comments about the movies for our editors. Don't know what that means? Here's how we use your reviews on the show:


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