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It’s Friday, which means it’s time to let our hair down at Movies.com headquarters and break out all the weird, freaky stuff we’ve been hiding from our parents so they don’t think we’ve gone completely mad. Just don’t tell anyone you got this from us … 

— Who wants to stare at boring old comic book covers when we can stare at awesome animated comic book covers instead? Kerry Callen decided… Continue reading Freaky Friday Finds: 'The Dark Knight Rises,' 'Star Wars,' Adorable Rabbits, Animated Classic Comic Book Covers and More

Things are looking up for Paris Hilton. Not only has she struck a deal to do not one day of jail time for her role in a cocaine bust in Las Vegas last month (We’ve got five bucks that says she dropped a dime on her supplier…), the headline-snaggin’ socialite is being hailed a friend […] Continue reading Paris Hilton: The Bunny Savior — Heiress Has 20 Rabbits Living In Backyard