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Rachel Weisz L’Oreal Ad Banned Because Of Photoshop

Think you can look like Rachel Weisz if you slather on L’Oréal’s latest anti-wrinkle cream? Maybe… if you also go nuts with Photoshop. The makeup giant’s use of extensive retouching in its ads has gotten it in trouble before and now its latest ad, featuring Weisz, has been banned by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority.

The ASA has called the Oscar winner’s print ad for L’Oréal’s anti-wrinkle cream Revitalift Repair 10… Continue reading Rachel Weisz L'Oreal Ad Banned Because Of Photoshop

‘Glee’ spoilers: Does Rachel say yes or no to Finn’s proposal?

glee-finn-rachel.jpgWarning: You might not want to read any further if you don’t want to hear some theories about Rachel and Finn’s future on “Glee.” So skedaddle, spoiler-phobics! (Even though we kind of warned you in the headline.)

Okay, still here? Good.

As you’ll recall, Finn proposed to Rachel in the surprise… Continue reading 'Glee' spoilers: Does Rachel say yes or no to Finn's proposal?

Heel Yeah — Exclusive Rachel Bilson for ShoeMint Video!

Rachel Bilson, Steve Madden: ShoeMint VideoCourtesy ShoeMint

When Rachel Bilson dived into creating a collection for ShoeMint, she didn’t merely dip a toe.

“Understanding the footwear design nuances that make a shoe feel both authentic to my personal style, and are versatile enough to work with all women’s styles, has been a terrific learning experience,” she tells PEOPLE.

“We’re lucky to be involved in every… Continue reading Heel Yeah — Exclusive Rachel Bilson for ShoeMint Video!

Rachel Bilson Style Expert for PiperlimeCasey Rodgers/AP

With her uncanny ability to add some casual cool to even the most classic silhouettes, Rachel Bilson once again lends her expert eye as a guest editor for Piperlime.

The Hart of Dixie star, who also shills for Sunglass Hut, curates a new selection of affordable to aspirational items to reflect her trademark “comfy” style. “I like to… Continue reading Rachel Bilson Premieres New Picks for Piperlime

Brad Goreski‘s new series It’s a Brad, Brad World already promises lots of fashion, fun and of course, drama. But in an exclusive clip from the show, which premieres Jan. 2 on Bravo, Goreski addresses his biggest professional debacle — his split from stylist Rachel Zoe — head-on.

“We don’t speak to each other. I would love to be able to speak with her,” he states, adding that people often… Continue reading Exclusive Video: Brad Goreski Hints at Why He and Rachel Zoe No Longer Speak