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14 Random Golden Globes Pics: From Jon Hamm to Sofia Vergara

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actor Brad PittYou gotta love the Internet – thanks to the magic of Al Gore’s most marvelous invention, bored office workers can fill their days not with work and productivity, but by secretly surfing countless film sites looking for interesting things to read. The only catch is, there are only so many “Top 10” lists people can read in a day – and most of them… Continue reading Random: Everything Brad Pitt has Ever Eaten on Film; George Clooney Shares his Top 100 Films of 1964-1976

1. “Ew.”

2. “How old is Angus T. Jones?”

3. “There’s something vaguely incest-y about this.”

4. “Why are Jon Cryer’s eyes locked on Ashton Kutcher’s testicles?”

5. “Winning?”

6. “I’ve heard of vanity cards, but this is ridiculous.”

7. “Why do they all have the same legs?”

8. “Who actually watches Two and a Half Men?”

9.Community did this better.”

10. “Goddamn it, I’m turned on.”… Continue reading 10 Random Thoughts About This First-Look Photo for the "New" Two and a Half Men

Jay Baruchel ( The Sorcerer’s Apprentice , How to Train Your Dragon ) has signed to co-write two new projects with his writing partner Jesse Chabot, says The Hollywood Reporter .

After penning the sports comedy Goon , in which Baruchel co-stars with Seann William Scott, they have made a deal to adapt Kickstart Comics’ Random Acts of Violence and are in final negotiations to rewrite Summit Entertainment’s Exorcism Diaries… Continue reading Baruchel to Pen Random Acts of Violence and Exorcism Diaries