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In honor of Inside Out, which arrives in theaters this weekend, we decided it’s about time to rank all 15 of Pixar’s feature films. But instead of us ranking them, we thought it’d be better if YOU ranked them. 

Hit up our super special embedded ranking machine below and rank away! When you have a list full of this many great movies, it should be interesting to… Continue reading You Rank All The Pixar Movies

How about those Oscar nominations? Surely you’ve vented about the snubs and discussed your favorite surprises plenty since hearing the announcement this morning, but now it’s time for you to rank the worst omissions and the greatest inclusions of the Academy Awards this year.

Is the offense of The Lego Movie not being nominated for Best Animated Feature worse than Ava DuVernay… Continue reading You Rank the Biggest Snubs and Surprises of the 2015 Oscar Nominations

Another year is in the rearview mirror, and along with it go 12 months of memorable, forgettable and occasionally controversial movies. With the new year kicking off this week, it’s time for the Geek Beat to take one last look back at 2014 and recall some of the highlights from a year that was certainly an interesting one for Hollywood and movie fans… Continue reading We Rank the Geekiest Movies of 2014

Whenever a new film from an existing franchise hits theaters, it’s always fun to examine how it fits in with the overall franchise. Of course, if you’re a hard-core fan, the only way to do that properly is to rank all the movies from best to worst. With Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in theaters this weekend, we thought it might be fun to… Continue reading You Rank the 'Planet of the Apes' Movies

Summer Movies 2014

May is here and that means that through the month of August, we will have wannabe blockbusters and some of the hottest properties the film industry has to offer hitting theaters one after the next. Even though every studio and distributor is approaching the season intent on making an impression (and big bucks), there’s only so much love and money to go… Continue reading Rank This! Your Most Anticipated Summer 2014 Movies