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‘Moneyball’ isn’t about winning, so it’s fitting that the Brad Pitt-led film fell just short of topping the box office over the weekend. (All hail ‘The Lion King,’ the New York Yankees to the ‘Moneyball’ A’s.) Still, a $ 20.6 million first pitch is nothing to sneeze at — ‘Drive’ would have killed, probably literally, for that number — and plenty of ticket buyers put down hard-earned cash to see… Continue reading 6 Real-Life Things You Might Not Have Known About 'Moneyball'

Astronomers Discover Real-Life Tatooine

kepler 16b Astronomers Discover Real Life Tatooine
This just in from space: The newly-discovered planet Kepler 16b already has a movie-friendly nickname courtesy of the astronomers who found it: Tatooine. That’s because it’s the first planet that earthbound stargazers have ever found which orbits two suns — just like Luke Skywalker’s home world in ‘Star Wars.’

“Reality has finally caught up with science fiction,”… Continue reading Astronomers Discover Real-Life Tatooine

uphousemain Watch: Video Tour of the Real Life Up House

Not long ago we told you about a real-life exact replica of the house featured in Pixar’s Up that was built in Herriman, Utah by a builder who was so taken aback by the film when he watched it with his family that he took on the quest of recreating the house and putting it on the market. The Salt Lake Tribune were first on the story, and since… Continue reading Watch: Video Tour of the Real-Life 'Up' House

The Bridesmaids star recalls a “pathetic and sad” bachelorette party – minus the bride… Continue reading Maya Rudolph's Real-Life Bridesmaid Horror Story

Having quickly established itself as a home for quality dramas, AMC is turning its focus to reality programming with two new shows: One goes inside the Department of Homeland Security, and the other is a real-life version of the network’s signature show, Mad Men. Inside DHS will detail the government agency’s responsibilities, from fighting terrorism  Real life ‘Mad Men,’ Dept. of Homeland Security land AMC reality shows

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