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Spring is a time for rebirth. Animals are crawling out of their dens after a long hibernation and flowers are beginning life anew – and this year, that over-arching sense of rebirth that comes with the season apparently applies to geeky movies, too.

Reboots and sequels are certainly nothing new to fans of sci-fi and superhero fare, but this season – and… Continue reading The Geek Beat: We're About to Enter the Season of Movie Reboots

Here’s your 4-day President’s Day Weekend box office returns (new releases bolded):

1. The Lego Movie – $ 48.8 million

2. About Last Night – $ 27.0 million

3. Robocop – $ 21.5 million

4. The Monuments Men – $ 15.0 million

5. Endless Love – $ 13.3 million

6. Ride Along – $ 8.7 million

7. Winter’s Tale – $ 7.7 million

8. Frozen – $ 5.8 million

9. Lone Survivor – $ 4.0

  • ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ (Tom Ripley series) by Patricia Highsmith

    This charming con man and murderer has led five separate films, adapted from only three of his five novels (‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ and ‘Ripley’s Game’ have been done twice), with prominent actors Matt Damon, Alain Delon, Dennis Hopper, Barry Pepper and John Malkovich in the role at different points since 1960. Although these films work okay on their own

  • In both film and video games, there’s a massive movement to tap into the nostalgia of of viewers, bringing back the titles that they loved when they were younger, in […] Continue reading 20 Of The Worst Reboots, Retools, and Remakes

    Sequels, reboots bring sizzle to summer box office

    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Summertime moviegoers tend to vote early and, if things go well, often. During the past five years, about 42% of annual domestic box office sales have been rung up during the summer, which the industry marks beginning the first weekend in May. With the summer slate often notably front-loaded, executives usually have a pretty good sense … Continue reading Sequels, reboots bring sizzle to summer box office