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Everyone knows that feeling when they discover a truly bizarre movie for the first time and just can’t wait to share it with friends, if only because watching it with other people confirms that it was not a hallucination and the movie in question actually exists. Over the last few years one of the best places to find these wholly unique gems that… Continue reading The Home of 'Miami Connection' and 'Roar' Finds Its Next Insane Movie to Re-Release

Brad Bird could use some positive spin this year following the disappointment of Tomorrowland. And here it is: The Iron Giant, his beloved 1999 animated feature about a boy and his enormous robot friend (voiced by Vin Diesel), is making a return to theaters this fall. Ironically, or perhaps intentionally to drive a point, the 16-year-old movie was also a box office failure… Continue reading Brad Bird's 'The Iron Giant' Gets a Re-Release This Fall With Additional Scenes

May the force be 3D….On Wednesday, lensman George Lucas announced plans to convert all six Star Wars films to 3D.Lucas Films will be re-releasing each installment of the Star Wars series in 3D, beginning with the 1999 prequel Star Wars: Episode One, The Phantom Menace, in 2012. After the first re-release, one film in […] Continue reading “Star Wars” 3D Re-Release

Great Scott! Back to the Future will be getting a limited theatrical re-release at cinemas across the US next month in celebration of the film’s 25th anniversary.AMC Theaters is hosting two special screenings of the digitally-remastered sci-fi/comedy classic — which stars Michael J. Fox as a teen who travels back in time with the help […] Continue reading “Back To The Future” Goes Back To Theaters For 25th Anniversary Re-Release

Avatar’s on its way back to the big screen — and it’s eight minutes longer — will you watch it again? On Thursday, 20th Century FOX announced that James Cameron’s record-breaking fantasy epic Avatar will be re-released in theaters at the end of next month.“Since – and largely as of result of – Avatar’s release […] Continue reading “Avatar” Re-Release August 2010