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mike judge TGI Fridays flairIn the cult classic workplace comedy “Office Space,” Jennifer Aniston’s character works at a chain restaurant that’s a not-so-subtle… Continue reading 'Office Space' Is Responsible for the Death of TGI Fridays' Flair, Says Mike Judge

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has revealed that she has faced ‘dark times’ due to a ‘voice in her head’. Worth more than 20 million pounds, the Harry Potter actress has proved box office magic but despite her youthful success the 20-year-old has had crippling doubts about her talents. “I’ve had dark times, this voice […] Continue reading Emma Watson says voice in her head is responsible for her darkest times

A lady, Allen K Young, has slapped charges against the driver of a car and Google as she finds both of them responsible for the car hitting her when she was walking on a sideway.
She said that the driver had hit her when she was walking on sideways. But Google was held responsible by […] Continue reading Lady holds Google Map responsible for accident