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the-walking-dead-S3-teaser.jpgReady to whet your appetite for more of “The Walking Dead”?

AMC aired three new teasers for Season 3 of the zombie apocalypse drama during the “Breaking Bad” summer finale Sunday night (Sept. 3): “Darkness,” “Shivers” and “Resurrection.”

In “Darkness,” Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) leads his rapidly dwindling group of survivors through a dark prison — his new lieutenant (RIP Shane!), Daryl (Norman Reedus), right behind… Continue reading 'The Walking Dead' Season 3 spoilers: Watch 'Darkness,' 'Shivers' and 'Resurrection' teasers now

‘Supernatural’ scoop: Details of Castiel’s return (and Bobby’s resurrection?)

spn-bobby-castiel.jpgOkay, “Supernatural” fans, we know you’ve been through a lot this season. It hasn’t been easy watching the Winchesters lose Castiel, Bobby, and their car over the course of just a few months. We feel your pain (though we will say, we’re loving the unexpected turns this season has taken!).

While we can’t make everything better, we can give you some good news. At Wednesday’s… Continue reading 'Supernatural' scoop: Details of Castiel's return (and Bobby's resurrection?)

Halloween Blu-ray Triple Pack(Halloween 6, H20, Halloween Resurrection)

  • 1080i/p widescreen 2.35:1/1.78:1
  • Includes Three Films, Halloween 6, H20, and Resurrection
  • 264 minutes

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

The sixth entry in the series has Dr. Sam Loomis once again in pursuit of the homicidal Michael Myers. Now driven by a satanic power, Myers chases his grown niece and her… Continue reading Halloween Blu-ray Triple Pack(Halloween 6, H20, Halloween Resurrection) Reviews