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Market for make-believe merchandise on rise

SOCIAL networkers and gamers are spending more cash than ever on virtual goods that are only used online. . . The global market for make-believe … Continue reading Market for make-believe merchandise on rise

“Who is better, Kobe, Lebron, or Wade? Shaq or Duncan?””How do I become a baller like Iverson or Kidd?”If you take a look at most of the basketball related forums, chats, and blogs upon the web, you w Continue reading Eulogy of Basketball: The Rise of the Superstar, Death of a Sport

Crossover appeal is behind the ever-growing ranks of the female action hero, says Omaha filmmaker Mark Hoeger.. . Screenwriting guru Lew Hunter of… Continue reading Female action heroes back on the rise

Freida Pinto has signed the ‘Planets of the apes’ prequel ‘Rise pf the Apes’ as primatologist Caroline. Pinto, who rose to fame from the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, will be the leading lady of ‘Spider-Man’ hunk James Franco in the latest instalment of sci-fi series, reports the Daily Star. Movie’s cast also include funny man John Lithgow […] Continue reading Freida Pinto as primatologist Caroline in ‘Rise Of The Apes’

Slumdog Millionaire bombshell Freida Pinto has been tipped to appear as James Franco’s leading lady in the upcoming prequel of Planet of the Apes, Variety said Wednesday. Pinto will play Caroline, a primatologist, alongside Franco, who will be seen as a scientist who becomes a crucial figure in the war between humans and apes. The new […] Continue reading Freida Pinto “Planet Of The Apes: Rise Of The Apes” Casting