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Just a month ago, I devoted a column to telling you why 2015 could be the biggest year for geek-friendly movies in Hollywood history. And while all that’s all well and good, a quick look at the slate of movies that will have to tide us over until the greatest year ever begins reveals at least one recurring theme in the 2014 cinematic calendar: next… Continue reading The Geek Beat: Why 2014 Will Be a Risky Year for Geeky Movies

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12/13/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Khloe Kardashian X-FactorDowling/PictureGroup

Live hosting is one first Khloé Kardashian Odom has tackled on X Factor, but as it turns out, working on the show has given her many a fashion first, too.

“It’s fun to try [different styles] on X Factor,” the star tells PEOPLE. “It gives me a different platform to

I lately study about a bodyguard who was wiped out even though guarding American government VIPs in Iraq. He was shot in the neck, which was the only portion of his system that was not protected by en Continue reading Executive Safety - Risky Organization

The iPad 3G are no more considered as safe to keep you secret from looking at it. A hacking group called Goatse Security stumbled upon a program on AT&T Web site that was sending back the iPad users’ e-mail address when a sim card identification number was given to it.
After correctly guessing […] Continue reading 3G iPad risky for safety of your information

Many studies have been conducted to ascertain whether or not mobile phone is risk for the users. All such studies were done by scientific comities over the years to assess overall risks, but no definite conclusion was brought forward for the public awareness. Now recently a major international study also has failed to arrive at […] Continue reading Mobile phones risky only for heavy users