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Posted at 01:13 PM ET, 03/16/2011 . . . Conan O’Brien did it. Kevin Smith is currently doing it. And Charlie Sheen, God help us, will start doing … Continue reading Sheen is taking his show on the road

Lily Allen, who was hospitalised for septicaemia just days after losing her second baby, is responding well to the treatment. Allen was recovering well in the hospital after suffering from septicaemia, the singer’s spokesman Murray Chalmers said on Sunday. “She is responding well to treatment and her condition continues to improve. Lily thanks everyone for […] Continue reading Lily Allen on the road to recovery

What others are writing about the New Orleans Saints:. . Road to quarterback stardom isn’t always smooth (Bill Coats, stltoday. com). . Saints take… Continue reading Road to QB stardom isn't always easy: New Orleans Saints links

Riley Keough Cast In Mad Max 4: Fury Road A newer, better model of the 1979 classic starring Mel “The Rant” Gibson is in the works.    Danielle Riley Keough, daughter of Elvis Presley’s’ only offspring, Lisa Marie, is set to play one of of the Five Wives within a circle of women Mad Max must […] Continue reading Riley Keough Cast In Mad Max 4: Fury Road

Neil Young is a solo artist at heart. He always has been and he always will be.. . Despite the acclaimed, groundbreaking work that the Rock and … Continue reading Neil Young still following his own twisted road