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‘Pretty Woman’ star Julia Roberts has revealed she loved every pound she gained due to the ‘eat’ portion of her latest movie ‘Eat Pray Love.’ Directed by Glee’s Ryan Murphy, the movie is based on the best-selling memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert. At a press conference for the film in Bardessono hotel in California’s Napa Valley, […] Continue reading Julia Roberts ‘loved every pound’ she gained for ‘Eat Pray Love’

A cracked-out wackadoodle: There’s one in every family. (Why, hello there, Michael Lohan and Joe Jackson!) In the Roberts Clan — which includes Oscar winner Julia Roberts and her niece Emma — top honors for the title of “Walking Tabloid Headline” would go to Julia’s estranged brother Eric. The Oscar-nominated actor, who also happens to be […] Continue reading Eric Roberts On “Celebrity Rehab”

Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts has admitted she struggled eating masses of pizza and pasta for her new film ‘Eat, Pray, Love.’ The star admitted while she enjoyed the eating, after several takes, the novelty wore off. “It was hard on take 10 on a giant plate of pasta,” the Mirror quoted Roberts as telling The […] Continue reading Julia Roberts ‘struggled eating masses of pizza, pasta for new film’

It seems Julia Roberts is in no mood to don the director’s cap because she feels she lacks patience which is required for the job. Julia, a mother of three, next stars in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ alongside Javier Bardem and James Franco, adapted from the best-selling book by Elizabeth Gilbert. She is also co-producing the […] Continue reading ‘I am not directing’, says Julia Roberts

Actress Julia Roberts has revealed that she has gained weight while shooting for her new drama ‘Eat Pray Love’ in Italy, as she refused to spit out bites of food when the director called cut. Roberts even confessed that while shooting scenes in Rome, she couldn”t resist tucking in to hearty plates of pizza and […] Continue reading Julia Roberts gained weight while shooting ‘Eat Pray Love’