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Review in a Hurry: In the near future, remote-controlled machines have replaced human boxers, and Hugh Jackman is gonna rock ’em sock ’em! This tale of a father and his way estranged son sports bold visuals and crazy loud sound FX, but the metal-on-metal violence is mostly kid-friendly.

By… Continue reading Review: Real Steel Is Everything You Want a Boxing Robot Movie to Be—and More!

Hugh Jackman’s robot boxing film Real Steel will arrive in theaters soon, promising to give audiences all the robot-on-robot pugilism any rational human being could ever hope to see.

However, when it comes to anything resembling a live-action version of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, I’m far from rational. To put it mildly, I’m a bit of a junkie for robot movies. Give me two (or more) mechs… Continue reading The 5 Best and Worst On-Screen Robot Brawls

If you owned a giant robot that could kick the crap out of anything or anyone, you’d probably have the same smirk Hugh Jackman has on his face in this new clip from ‘Reel Steel.’ In the upcoming action flick, Jackman plays former boxer Charlie Kenton, who loses his chance at a championship when robots replace humans in the ring. So he teams up with his son, Max (Dakota Goyo)… Continue reading Hugh Jackman Looks For a Robot Fight in New 'Real Steel' Clip (Moviefone Exclusive)

From ComicsAlliance: Inspired by Martin Hanford’s Where’s Waldo books, Richard Sargent of Hopewell Studios has presented robot fans with a similarly awesome challenge: Find Pixar’s WALL-E amid dozens of pop culture’s most famous robots, then identify them all. The amateur robotologist who correctly identifies the largest number of ‘bots by August 31 will even be awarded a print from Hopewell. You don’t have to get competitive to enjoy… Continue reading Test Your Robot Trivia With the Pop Culture Puzzle of 'Where's Wall-E?'

Jackie Kelman Bisbee and Lance Acord, partners in Park Pictures, announced today they have formed a narrative feature company, Park Pictures Features with independent film darling Galt Niederhoffer and award-winning producer Sam Bisbee. Park Pictures Features’ first project will be the family comedy, Robot & Frank, starring Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon, James Marsden, Liv Tyler, Jeremy Strong and Liev Schreiber, as the voice of the Robot. Written by Christopher… Continue reading Park Pictures Launches Film Division with Robot & Frank