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Johnny Depp has finally landed a long awaited role of a rock star in a new movie. The actor is all set to play out his rock ”n” roll dream on the big screen after reportedly landing the lead role in upcoming film Sonny Boy. According to The Sun, the movie tells the story of [...] Continue reading Johnny Depp to play rock star in new movie?

It’s tough out there for an aspiring comedian — especially when you’re not very funny and your big bro happens to be a comedy genius. Chris Rock’s little brother, Jordan, 19, bombed in an audition for NBC’s Last Comic Standing on Monday night. What did you think of his routine? Check out the video and sound [...] Continue reading Chris Rock Brother, Jordan Rock, Rejected On “Last Comic Standing!”

White House Party Crashers Tareq and Michele Salahi are the targets of a new anti-fan movement sweeping Facebook.A Facebook page called “Tell the White House Pary Crashers to Go Away” has emerged in hopes of blasting the Northern Virginia movers & shakers who have gained a cult following since illegally gaining acess to the First [...] Continue reading Facebookers Want White House Party Crashers To Crawl Back Under Their Rock

Controversy has surrounded the Hall of Fame in regards to how the nomination process is run, since only a few individuals are behind it — and they’re not even musicians. Continue reading 12 Musicians & Bands Snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Recently it was revealed by Alex Rigopulos, the CEO of Harmonix, that the company offered some exciting additions to the upcoming Rock Band 3, i.e. new guitars, authentic “Pro” mode and MIDI keyboard peripherals.
With the introduction of keyboards the company made a decision to offer a number of amazing new music onto the platform. Due [...] Continue reading The Upcoming Rock Band 3 to be Available with Exciting Additions