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Dennis Rodman has checked himself into rehab, CNN is reporting.

The heavily-tattooed former NBA baller entered an East Coast center for the treatment of alcoholism on Wednesday.

Rodman was heavily criticized for his recent, and second trip, to North Korea where he sang “Happy Birthday” to dictator Kim Jong Un and suggested that American Kenneth Brae, who has been imprisoned in North Korea since 2012, might have… Continue reading Dennis Rodman Enters Rehab

Yikes! Eccentric ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman escaped unharmed after his car flipped over three times in a massive car accident in Fort Lauderdale this weekend.The sportsman-turned-reality-TV-star was the passenger in a car driving through South Florida when one of the tires on the green Range Rover blew out. The vehicle then rolled three times […] Continue reading Dennis Rodman Unharmed In Car Crash In Fort Lauderdale