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Rodney King, whose beating by L.A.P.D. officers later acquitted of any wrongdoing, set off the infamous Los Angeles riots in 1992, has died.

King was just 47 and was reportedly found dead Sunday morning.

The troubled King battled alcohol for years and appeared on both Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and Sober House.  Dr. Drew Pinsky was so concerned for his future, he said… Continue reading Rodney King, Dead At 47

Rodney King — the victim of the brutal police beating that sparked the notorious Los Angeles racial riots — is set to marry one of the jurors from his controversial civil trial, RadarOnline.com reported Tuesday. King, now 44, recently proposed to Cynthia Kelley — Juror No. 5– who awarded King a $3.8 million payout in a […] Continue reading Rodney King Engaged To Marry Juror From Trial

Late Beatles member George Harrisson’s wife Olivia Harrison has slammed actor Rodney Bewes, who accused her of turning her Oxfordshire home into a prison camp. Olivia said that former star of the sitcom The Likely Ladies, Bewes had made her vulnerable to attack after he picked up the issue with the media. “You may remember […] Continue reading George Harrison’s widow slams Rodney Bewes