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Michael Douglas is a veteran actor and has been acting from the early 60’s. Recently he was awarded the Chaplin Award for the year 2010 by the film Society of Lincoln Center. At the award ceremony many well wishers spoke aloud about the actor’s achievements. But most of the speakers did not concentrate much on [...] Continue reading Catherine Zeta Jones: Douglas is the best in the role of a father

Is Rob Lowe trying to look alike Brad Pitt?

Rob Lowe has undergone a makeover. He has now appeared before the cameras sporting a new beard which is much similar to that of Brad Pitt. Lowe might be first mistaken for Pitt as he looks exactly alike due to his beard style. The actor did undergo such a change for his role in [...] Continue reading Is Rob Lowe trying to look alike Brad Pitt?

50 Cent or The Black Powder? Don’t be alarmed. This isn’t a photo of my alcoholic Uncle Eddie after knocking back one too many cups of eggnog at the annual family Christmas party. (Although the resemblance is striking….) It’s only 50 Cent, trading his perfectly-chiseled frame in exchange for a bag of bones and a few [...] Continue reading 50 Cent Skinny! Rapper’s Shocking Weight Loss For Dramatic Film Role

Lindsay Lohan wasn’t pulling our legs when she told a Los Angeles judge she had a movie lined up in Texas and therefore couldn’t afford to be fitted with a SCRAM bracelet and relegated to the confines of LA — the hard-partying starlet is in negotiations to star alongside music legend Willie Nelson. Nelson and [...] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan May Lose Role In Willie Nelson-Assisted Movie “The Dry Gulch Kid”

These punchlines will just write themselves… Angelina Jolie will be tapping into her inner homewrecker for a turn as The Wicked Witch of the West in one of three Wizard of Oz spinoffs hitting theaters over the next few years. Tinseltown tattles tell PopEater’s Naughty or Nice Column that the do-gooder is attached to play [...] Continue reading Angelina Jolie Up For “Wicked Witch Of The West” Role In “Wizard Of Oz” Remake”