Justin Bieber Rolling Stone Magazine March 3

Beliebers, Start Taking Notes: Justin Bieber is anti-abortion, pro-universal healthcare, and has a picture of himself taking in the sunset with rumored sweetheart Selena Gomez as the wallpaper on his desktop. These are just a few of the juicy revelations we learn about Pop’s banged wonder in a new interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. The

Endorsement Deals Not Rolling In For “Jersey Shore” Guidette Sammi

Maybe it’s the way her French manicure cringingly clashes with the tanned-to-a-tangerine hues in her olive skin. Perhaps her volatile romance with castmate Ronnie Ortiz-Magro leaves more than just a sour taste in the mouths of reality fans. Whatever the reason, the offers for lucrative endorsement deals just aren’t rolling in for Jersey Shore “guidette”

Rolling Stones mulling 50th anniversary world tour

The Rolling Stones are apparently planning to stage a 50th anniversary tour in 2011. Drummer Charlie Watts revealed that the supergroup can no longer afford to make distant plans, and so they”re talking about an extensive, perhaps final, world trek sooner rather than later. “We said that if we do something, it will be next