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hemlock grove threesome peter roman season 2 netflix Hemlock Grove Season 2 threesome was for Roman and Peter, say stars

Roman Godfrey (Bill Skarsgard) and Peter Rumancek (Landon Liboiron) replaced one blonde for another in Season 2 of
“Hemlock Grove,” but Miranda (Madeline Brewer) brings the feuding friends together in a way Letha never could: At the end of episode 6, “Such Dire Stuff,” Miranda gets the two men she’s sleeping with to agree to a threesome.
“We’re suckers for
star crossed emery roman episode 2 Star Crossed episode 2: Watch Roman and Emerys awkward confrontationAt the end of the series premiere of “Star-Crossed,” tragedy struck the Atrian community — and the Whitehill family — when Emery’s father, a high-ranking guard in the Atrian sector, accidentally shot and killed Roman’s tribe-leader father as he tried to talk down a rogue alien who was threatening violence.

It was a blow against Atrian-human relations, something about

In case you haven’t had a chance to watch this fantastic Damon Lindelof interview yet, take some time off today and give it a shot. From The Verge, Lindelof discusses lots, including almost 30 minutes on the Lost finale. Definitely a must watch for fans of the writer and his shows/movies.

Here’s a wonderful Getty Images ad made up of 873 Getty images. The amount of painstaking research that must have… Continue reading Morning Watch: Hour-Long Damon Lindelof Interview, Great Getty Images Ad, and Roman Polanski Short

carnage 1 Carnage NYFF Review: Roman Polanskis Latest is BloodlessCourtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Roman Polanski’s adaptation of the award-winning play God of Carnage is technically excellent and often bleakly funny, but it’s ultimately unmoving. While one would expect nothing less than carefully executed shots, excellent performances, and tight editing from longtime collaborator Hervé de Luze, the final product feels less like the anxiety-filled nightmares Polanski is famous for than a way for the director to… Continue reading 'Carnage' NYFF Review: Roman Polanski's Latest is Bloodless

switzerlandpolanski.81e85a94f6cd4d25b3f39aa080ad23fb Roman Polanski Returns to Zurich for Ovation After Arrest

Two years after he’d been arrested in Zurich, Roman Polanski received a 10-minute standing ovation at the Zurich Film Festival as he accepted a lifetime achievement award. “Better late than never,” he said on finally being able to accept the award in person. In 2009, he was placed under house arrest when he arrived in Switzerland and nearly extradited to the U.S. for outstanding sexual assault… Continue reading Roman Polanski Returns to Zurich for Ovation After Arrest