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Are you aware that the Golden Globe Awards are happening this weekend? Maybe the Oscar nominations have diverted our attention a bit, but it doesn’t seem like many people are aware. Or, maybe the world is finally ignoring the event? Is it because we’re a misogynistic society and there’s not only a woman nominated for Best Director but there are two women (Tina Fey and Amy

She displayed remarkable poise for a 16-year-old being scrutinized by over 20 million people every week. But Thia Megia’s poise may have been seen as a lack of personality by the voting public, and in turn may be the reason she was eliminated this week on American Idol. When I met with Thia at our

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Piers Morgan appears to be closing in on CNN’s coveted 9 PM talk show spot, which’ll open up this fall when Larry King says goodbye to his Larry King Live after 25 years on the air. Naturally, the guy with the glasses and suspenders has something to say about the former English tabloid reporter widely rumored […] Continue reading Larry King On Piers Morgan’s Move To CNN: “I’m Rooting For Ryan!”